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Top 5 Bigfoot Photos

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A video from July 2014 claims to show the best Bigfoot photos, or the best photos of things that look like alleged Bigfoot, including men in suits and tree stumps.

Why this video is making the rounds again is not clear. Why my sexy BFF BF informant at large is sending me such old data is not clear either, but I'll deal with her later.

The video, presented below for your viewing pleasure, has got to be a joke. I do not, cannot, understand how someone can literally believe that these are the "Top 5 Bigfoot Photographs." Clearly they have not seen the Patterson film footage which, since the old-school film-type thing is a form of motion photography, is clearly far and away top of ANY LIST, EVER!

What the video really shows us are the "Top 5 Things that some people think look like Bigfoot," including tree stumps, blobsquatches of unidentifiable origin, possible parka hoods caught on trail cams, and possible men in furry suits.

I say possible because, of course, I can't prove it so... Bigfoot must be real, and these are the pictures...

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