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Big Red Eye takes a Holiday

by Drew Vics

The English Countryside is the perfect vacation spot for big, hairy manbeasts. Witnesses who reported sightings of a Bigfoot-like creature in England describe "a giant, hairy creature with blazing red eyes..." Features also described in reports of Sussex County's own Big Red Eye.

Sightings began in February of 1995 when Jackie Haughton had to swerve her car to avoid a collision with a "large, shambling creature" that had entered the road about 20 feet ahead of her. The encounter lasted only a few seconds, but she saw enough of the creature to describe a tall, "very hairy" man-like animal with two glowing red eyes. She claimed the eyes were "self-illuminating."

In September of 1998 a motorist and his companions reported seeing a "tall, man-like figure, sort of crouching forward," according to one of the witnesses. "As we passed, it turned and looked straight at us."

The witness added, "I would describe it as around 6ft 8in, very strong-looking and with a darkish, blacky-brown coat. I still get goosebumps thinking about it."

Another sighting took place near an ancient monument known as Castle Ring. Alec Williams sighted a seven foot creature with short, dark brown hair, a large head and "eyes that glow bright red."

Stateside, two Bigfoot sightings were reported more recently, and right here in New Jersey.

In late Fall of 2004, on an early morning hunt, a bow hunter noticed a foul, musky odor in the air. He had arrived early at his tree stand and remained there for a couple of hours. The smell kept drifting in and out of the area.

He climbed down from the stand and headed back toward his truck, taking the longer route along an "old logging trail." On his way he smelled the odor again.

Ahead of him, about 50 yards away, he saw a creature enter the trail. The creature, neither a deer nor a bear according to the witness, turned and looked in his direction, then turned around and walked back into the wilderness.

The witness described the creature as broad shouldered with no neck. The face appeared "shiny" with less hair. The alleged sighting occurred off Westbrook Road near the Wanaque Reservoir.

Another sighting is reported to have occured in 2005, in Riverdale. Near Matthews Ave, beside an area of woods which extends northward and connects to the tract of wilderness that runs along Federal Hill and up toward the Wanaque reservoir, some friends were sitting on a backyard deck talking. One noticed a grey colored ape-like creature sitting some distance up a slope in the woods.

One of the friends went inside to retrieve a pellet gun. The popping sound of the gun alerted the creature and it rose up, scaled a large large boulder and stepped into the underbrush, out of sight.

Over the years there have been similar reports of large monsters roaming about New Jersey. Could these creatures exist? Something is certainly afoot, or... a-Bigfoot.

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