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About The NJBFRC

"I know what I saw. That is something you don't forget..."
"I knew it wasn't a bear, it was too lean and upright; it was humanoid... "
"The eyes were glowing red from reflected light, not glowing like LED lights..."

— Witness to Bigfoot sighting on Layton Road in Wantage, NJ, as reported by Vashni De Schepper in the College Hill and Weird New Jersey.

The New Jersey Bigfoot Reporting Center (NJBFRC) was created in 2006 is an effort to collect and archive possible New Jersey Bigfoot sightings for research purposes and to serve as a general repository of New Jersey sighting reports as reference for others with an interest in Bigfoot.

The NJBFRC is no longer actively researching Bigfoot or taking sighting reports. While Cryptozoology and the legend and lore of Sasquatch are close to heart, we feel that there are enough good folks "in the field" looking for these mysterious creatures, so we will do the occasional reporting from the sidelines. NJBFRC still holds an interest in these subjects, so the NJBFRC Bigfoot Blog will continue to run with some news reports, reviews of interesting books, products relative to Bigfoot and Cryptozoology, as well as commentary on the latest findings and videos that surface.

This website will remain live for those interested in reading through the New Jersey Bigfoot sightings database, but no research is being done and no one is in the office on a regular basis. We're out traveling in our RV. If we see any Sasquatch we'll let you know.

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