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New Jersey Bigfoot Articles

Keeping an eye out for county’s ‘Bigfoot’ — by Phillip Molnar

Hidden deep in the cold, dark basement of a Newton building is a shocking and scary discovery. Info on Sussex Counties’ Big Red Eye!

Bigfoot Terrorizes Sussex
— by Vashni De Schepper

The original, unedited article as it appeared in The College Hill Fall 1998.

Wantage Family in Terror of Odd Creature for Week

- NJ Herald, 1977
First article describing the alleged Bigfoot encounter at the Sites farm in Wantage, NJ.

Authorities call Wantage Beast ‘an unidentified woods animal’

- NJ Herald, 1977
Follow-up Article discusses the police investigation and subsequent official conclusion to the events that occurred at the Sites farm.

Big Red Eye Takes a Holiday

- by Drew Vics
Sightings of a similar creature to Sussex County’s Big Red Eye surface in England.

Other Bigfoot Articles

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