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Nothing New

Thoughts on the notsquatch. Tags: , ,

Bigfoot Statue in Whitehall NY

A 1000 lb Bigfoot sculpture now stands in front of a stone company in New York along the state border with Vermont, sculpted by a local metalworker to commemorate sightings of Bigfoot in the Whitehall, NY. Tags: , ,

Why Bigfoot Does Not Have to Be Real

Bigfoot doesn't have to be real. Neither does Mothman, UFOs, or ghosts. Sometimes we humans just need an escape to help us through life. This includes religious belief. Belief can get the better of us though, so it pays to be vigilant. Tags: , , , ,

John Green has Died 1927-2016

John Green, famed, pioneering Bigfoot researcher has passed away at the age of 89. May 28, 2016. Tags: , ,

New Boggy Creek Bigfoot Documentary

Breaking story about new documentary film Boggy Creek Monster, a Small Town Monsters collaboration documentary with Lyle Blackburn, which will detail ongoing Bigfoot sightings in Fouke, Arkansas. Tags: , , , , ,

Faith and Belief in Bigfoot or Religion

We should be skeptical in our approach to claims of the unknown and paranormal, but I'd give the idea of a flesh and blood Bigfoot more credence than the existence of a god or ghosts. Tags: , ,

Top 5 Bigfoot Photos

A video from July 2014 shows the best Bigfoot photos, or the best photos of things that look like alleged Bigfoot, included men in suits and tree stumps. Tags: , , ,

Skunk Ape Smells Fishy

A video posted on YouTube January 26, 2015, purports to show a Skunk Ape splashing in the river water at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Florida. Tags: ,

Historic Wild Man Sighting in Dover NJ

Folklore is rife with tales of hairy wild men, and NJ has had more than one. But folklore has suffered the same fate that modern lore of Bigfoot does. The tendency of story tellers to change or omit the facts. Tags: , ,

Rick Dyer Posts Photo of Alleged Dead Bigfoot

As well as looking a lot like the Heat Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus, the Bigfoot in Dyer's photo looks a lot like a latex rubber cast with crepe hair glued on. An okay job to be sure, but it's a fake. Tags: , , ,

Merry Squatchmas

Santa Squatch Christmas ornaments and more! Click through to see more about the new Merry Squatchmas products available from Twisting-Tradition.com! Featured for this year, and perfect for collectors and lovers of all things Bigfoot, is a great original cartoon design available on Christmas tree ornaments, sweatshirts, t-shirts, PJs and lots more! Shop now for yourself, or that die-hard Squatcher in your life! Great for collectors. Tags: , , ,

Ley Lines and Bigfoot

Do ley lines exist? And if so, is there a connection between Bigfoot sightings and the intersecting points of magnetic lines that are claimed by some to criss cross over the surface of our planet? Tags: , , ,

Special Announcement from the NJBFRC

The NJBFRC will no longer take sighting reports, and will not follow up or investigating any sightings. This announcement explains why. Tags:

Giant in the Hills - Book Review

Review of Bigfoot fiction Giant in the Hills by Phillip A. Elwood. Aerospace giant Bill Coleman, a young female tracker and her Native American grandfather follow the trail of Sasquatch deep into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. What follows is an adventure and terror. Hunting an elusive beast with revenge on his mind. Tags: ,

Bigfoot Book Review - Giant in the Woods

Review of Giant in the Woods by Phillip A. Elwood. A Sasquatch terrorizes a small Pacific Northwest town as science and the media descend on the area to capture the beast. The story unfolds with great adventure, mystery and drama, as we learn the true nature of Bigfoot, and of mankind. Tags: , , ,

Canada Bigfoot Video shot by Hikers

Analysis of Mission BC Sasquatch video. Video allegedly shows a Sasquatch rummaging through vegetation on a small hill, probably on Hoover lake, in Mission, BC. Tags: , , , , , ,

Join NJBigfoot on Facebook!

NJBFRC is on Facebook. Like Us today, follow posts and share your experiences. Tags: , ,

Bigfoot in the New Jersey Burbs - Book Review

Book Review - Bigfoot in the New Jersey Burbs. A concise, well researched book containing sighting reports, and detailed information, insight, and speculation about the possible residency of Bigfoot in many parts of New Jersey. Tags: , , , ,

Ketchum Sasquatch DNA Study Smells Like a Skunk Ape

A logical examination of press releases issued by DNA Diagnostics which claim proof of Sasquatch DNA evidence and link the elusive hominid to humans. Bigfoot are allegedly 15,000 year old hybrids, with a human mother. Tags: , , , , , , ,

Sasquatch and the Wendigo Legend

Algonquian legends of the Wendigo are often used to support the idea that various Native tribes had historic contact with Sasquatch, but the connection may be more wishful thinking than fact. Wendigo are very dissimilar to Bigfoot. Tags: , , , ,


This new buzzword, Squatching, used to describe the pursuit of Bigfoot makes the whole quest seem like a recreational activity, and childsplay. Tags: ,

Sighting Report Form is Active!

NJBFRC Reporting System is up and running! Tags: ,

Bigfoot Sightings Added and New Look

New Bigfoot sightings added to the database, and a new look for the sightings page. Tags: ,

Cool New NJBigfoot Merch! Buy a Shirt - Support the NJBFRC!

New logo, new artwork and some cool designs on merch at the NJBigfoot Zazzle Store. Features our Night Vision and Midnight color schemes with a Bigfoot in New Jersey state graphic. All Custom designed for NJBFRC. Original! Tags:

NJBFRC Forum Registration Open

NJBFRC forum registration reactivated. Join in with discussions of NJ Bigfoot sightings, and investigations. New sections have been added for those interested in the Jersey Devil, UFO sightings and the Paranormal too. Tags: ,

NJBFRC Reporting System to Go Back Online

NJBFRC will reinstate the Bigfoot Sighting Reporting System and welcomes the help of a field investigator to examined old sightings and look into new ones. Tags: , , ,

5 Must Have Books for Bigfoot and Mystery Enthusiasts

As a person who has been interested in mysterious stuff my whole life, be it Bigfoot, monsters, ghosts, UFOs, and any manner of strangeness, I thought I would share my top list of must read books for Bigfoot enthusiasts and others interested in general unexplained mysteries and weirdness. Enjoy! Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

NJBRC - Rare Birds or Bigfoot

In his book, Bigfoot in the New Jersey Burbs, William Taylor mistakenly referred to the NJBFRC as the NJBRC. The NJBFRC stands for New Jersey Bigfoot Reporting Center. The NJBRC is actually the New Jersey Bird Records Committee. Tags: , , , , ,

NJBFRC Forum Reborn with New Categories and Boards!

NJBFRC forum has been refreshed with a new color scheme and new boards to discuss other NJ mysteries like the Jersey Devil, ghosts and UFOs! Stop by and check it out. Tags:

Montana Man Killed trying to Hoax Bigfoot Sighting

A Montana man was struck and killed by two cars, as he ran across highway 93 near Kalispell during an attempt to create a Bigfoot sighting hoax, dressed in a camouflage Ghillie stuit. Tags: , , , ,

New Video of Bigfoot in Ohio

Does this recent video, shot (or at least posted) in August of 2012, show a Bigfoot loping across the trail in front of a quad rider in the woods? Probably just another stunt. Tags: , , , ,

Bigfoot Explained by Escaped Chimps and Other Large Animals

Examiner.com, citing an article by Live Science, claims Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings can be explained simply by misidentification of escaped animals such as chimpanzees, coyotes, cougers, tigers, camels and bears. Oh, don't forget the escaped elephant! Tags: , , ,

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