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Bigfoot Book Review - Giant in the Woods

I'm reading a series of Bigfoot adventure books by Phillip A. Elwood. The first of which is "Giant in the Woods." This is a fun book. A worthwhile read with a mix of adventure, mystery and a drama with well placed humor.

The story is about a Bigfoot creature who "terrorizes" a small town in the Pacific Northwest. After several sightings and track finds a team of scientists and a news reporter converge on the town — Science, in an attempt to trap the creature for study; the reporter, to get his biggest story of the year, and he'll apparently stop at nothing.

We're led through a series of sightings, footprint finds, thrilling scenarios when man, and woman, meets beast, and other pitfalls and perils of nights spent in the wilderness with a 10 foot monster lurking about. But there's more to this tale.

Amid the unfolding excitement and creepiness of a dark woods Sasquatch stakeout, there is someone else bent on destroying the creature, and through interesting snippets of thought from a Sasquatch mind, we are introduced to an evolved creature struggling to live peacefully in the woods, with mankind encroaching.

We learn how human they really seem, especially where family is concerned, and we feel empathy for these creatures and root for their survival when the story boils to an exiting climax.

If I say more I'll give away some great plot elements. Enough to say that it's a clever tale, well written with effective doses of intrigue, suspense and humor. As a lover of adventure tales, and stories of Bigfoot, I enjoyed it and recommended it to anyone interested in the same.

Giant in the Woods is available for Kindle at Amazon.com. You may find a used paperback floating around as well.

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