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Bigfoot Explained by Escaped Chimps and Other Large Animals

"Chimpanzees, bears, and other large animals often escape and run through neighborhoods and other places they aren't expected to be. Perhaps people are seeing these escapees and reporting them as Bigfoot instead of what they really are because they don't get a clear view of the animal."

That, from a recent article, "Bigfoot Sightings Explained by Something Not Mysterious" posted at the Examiner.com

Even though I've never had a Bigfoot sighting myself, and am somewhat skeptical — or at least wary — I'm still fond of the old bugger, and after reading that article I was a little angered by the easy dismissal of such a huge cultural phenomenon. Explained away so coolly, and based on a report at Live Science.

The Live Science report states that, "...bears, for example, can stand and even briefly walk on two legs, as can chimpanzees, bonobos, baboons and other animals."

Live Science goes on to say, "In these cases the reason that an eyewitness rules out a known animal in favor of an unknown one is that he or she assumes that there are no wild animals in the area that could look like that."

First, since when has anyone seen a bonobo or baboon running around New Jersey, or any other place in the US? Live Science also considers coyotes to be a prime candidate for misidentification as Bigfoot.

I argue that most avid Bigfooters would know the difference between a coyote and an upright walking primate. I argue further that even the most casual observer, who has never even considered a Sasquatch, would not confuse a coyote or "moose or elk" as Live Science suggests, to a creature they have never paid much attention to.

While misidentification can play a huge part in explaining Bigfoot sighting reports, I think there are far more people than not, who would know the difference between a large, hairy, bipedal, man-like creature, compared to a camel, tiger or cougar. Those are just a few creatures suggested, however indirectly, by Live Science as potential Sasquatch imposters.

I'm sure they don't need to be reminded about the main objective of their article, but there is absolutely no way anyone would see a couger, or camel, and think "Sasquatch!"

In closing, Live Science offers, "It only takes a few unknown reports to generate and fuel the belief that unknown animals lurk nearby."

... A few? Have they checked BFRO lately?

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