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Bigfoot Sightings Added and New Look

There is a backlog of Bigfoot sightings in the database that I have been weeding through. Many are obvious jokes so they will not be presented live on the site, some seem legitimate and those will be activated for your reference. These sightings will not appear as the newest posted, as they were posted some time ago. Reports #99 and #106 are among the few I've approved so far. I'm still going through some others.

As for the listing of Bigfoot sightings, the display has been reworked to make it easier to navigate and read. Column headers, "ID, Date, Time, Town and Type of Sighting" are included, as well as an excerpt from each report. Each report appears as it's own sighting box with a dark blue header.

Clicking a column header, ID, Date or Town, will sort the sightings based on those criteria. IDs are sorted newest first, Date by Year descending, and Towns are sorted alphabetically. I'm working on some more functionality to make it more flexible, and those changes will be announced in time.

Enjoy reading, and don't forget to check out some of the great NJBFRC Bigfoot artwork at CafePress! Every dollar helps us to maintain the site and keep things rolling, so consider supporting the NJBFRC with a purchase. You'll find some great Christmas gift ideas!

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