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Bigfoot in the New Jersey Burbs - Book Review

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I just finished "Bigfoot in the New Jersey 'Burbs" by William Taylor. It's a fun, informative read.

Taylor has done some great research, picking through historic sightings as well as new sightings available on websites like the BFRO and the NJBFRC, and compiling a nice reference for those interested in Bigfoot in New Jersey.

Taylor has had some fun. "Bigfoot in the New Jersey 'Burbs" is sprinkled with humorous commentary, but he presents the data honestly, though candidly.

The book first presents an overview of the New Jersey Bigfoot phenomenon, then covers the "Where, When, Why and How for Searching for Bigfoot." In this section Taylor lists the best locations for Bigfoot potential, what to look for if you happen to venture into the woods on your own expedition, and what time of year is best to look.

After skimming over the Sites farm incident, and other sightings and encounters of the 70s, Taylor steps through notable encounters and prime Bigfoot search locations hot spot by hot spot, from North Jersey and South Jersey. Taylor's research is quite thorough here, but his sense of humor persists in many of the "Tips" included at the end of each hot spot discussion.

The South Jersey section begins with photos of alleged Bigfoot foot prints found in Brendan Byrne State Forest, but with no reference to length in the photos, and the general appearance of the prints, they appear to be completely human. Possibly planted by the photographer herself.

Throughout the Hot Spot sections Taylor reveals a great knowledge of New Jersey as well as the great deal of research he has done to put together this book. "Bigfoot in the New Jersey 'Burbs" is a concise, well researched book containing sighting reports, and detailed information, insight, and speculation about the possible residency of Bigfoot in many parts of New Jersey.

The book contains many small data tables, unfortunately they are very difficult to read, as is the general text of the book, which is rather small.

"Bigfoot in the New Jersey 'Burbs" is well worth the read though.

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