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Canada Bigfoot Video shot by Hikers

Did hikers in Mission, BC, capture a bigfoot on their video camera?

Based on location and timing in the release of these videos it is possible that they were made by the same people, and prompted by a promotional campaign for an app company. PlayMobility requested videos of Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster and Ogopogo, to push it's LegendTracker QuestUpon Adventure Appicon.

The app features a function that plops one of the afore mentioned cryptids into a scene taken with the phone's camera. Haven't seen any of the serpents, but these two Sasquatch videos surfaced, and conveniently posted on YouTube by LegendTracker.

It's always intriguing when a new video surfaces of a potential Sasquatch, but often we're let down by fuzzy, jittery video that masks any details (often by design) or video that is shot from so far away there is no way to ascertain whether or not the creature is a man in a costume.

Allegedly recorded by hikers near Mission, in British Columbia — probably Hoover Lake judging by the logging debris — this video is evidence of the latter. We just can't see enough detail.

I was initially wondering if the camera operator zoomed in. Considering the telltale motion which indicates a tri-pod mounted camera, and the narrow field of view, we might assume this is a high resolution digital video camera with digital image stabilization, and it is zoomed in.

I've spent too much time on this already, but below is the video, and below that you will find a map of the possible sighting/hoax location including the possible vantage point of the hiker and position of the alleged sasquatch subject, based on my observations and research of the reported sighting location of Mission, BC.

Analysis of Mission BC Sasquatch Video, possible location at Hoover Lake, with possible vantage point of hiker and subject.

Satellite image and markers property of Google Earth. Video capture overlay, lines, arrows and additional text added by the author. (Click the image for a larger view)

After examining the video, and considering the reported town of the sighting, I did some investigating with Google Earth. Based on matched land formations and other information (like obvious logging debris) I'm certain the video was made at Hoover Lake, and from or near the vantage point I have indicated on the image above.

This does not conclude that the video is a hoax, it is merely an effort to identify the precide location of the alleged sighting.

The video below is of an alleged Sasquatch, again in Mission, BC, being photographed and video recorded by a groups of apparently Asian "tourists." Interesting that when the the observers begin to retreat, as if the creature is about to exit the forest, the camera stops. I quote tourists because we must note that a 2006 census of Mission, BC, indicates a substantial Asian population, so this might be a hoax produced by local Asian residents of Mission, no tourists necessary.

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