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Faith and Belief in Bigfoot or Religion

A recent post at popmatters.com asks the question: Is the Search for Bigfoot Just Another Act of Faith?

While we should be skeptical in our approach to claims of the existence of previously undiscovered creatures, I'd give the idea of a flesh and blood mystery creature just a bit more credence than a completely supernatural, unseen entity like a god.

I have no faith in a god, and generally no faith in the existence of Bigfoot, but it is a fun mystery, and I like mysteries.

Why? Probably because, like many others with an interest in such mysteries, I've had a fondness for these things since childhood. There is a place for high strangeness, monsters, and the romance of adventure and mystery. The stories may not be true, but like other folklore, legend and mysteries, they can be entertaining and stimulating to the imagination.

Religion does not serve in the same capacity for me. I don't believe in god. Then again I don't believe in Bigfoot either. But we can see in many cases, where a believer has a level of faith in their conviction that creatures like Sasquatch are real, that it is similar to a religious belief.

Maybe having faith in friends and family, trusting in things we know, is better than putting faith in things we can't prove. It causes strife, animosity, anger. If one believes he is right about something he can't know he becomes angry with those who disagree. Staunchly believing in things that have otherwise been proven to be false is essentially delusional behavior.

I'd much rather pursue mysteries or lore like Bigfoot as entertainment. Maybe hold out a little hope that something may be found to prove their existence, but accepting the stories as fable for now.

Fun bunk.

To me religion isn't fun bunk, it's brainwashing in a sense, and simple tradition mostly. We're not told by people, parents, that we're supposed to believe in Bigfoot, but many, or most of us were raised in homes where God was a part of everyday life. We were "brought up to believe," to borrow a line from BU2B, a song from Rush's 2012 Clockwork Angels album.

We are raised to believe, at least until we were wise enough to make up our own minds about it and break free.

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