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Giant in the Hills - Book Review

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The sequel to Phillip A. Elwood's Giant in the Woods sets the stage for a Bigfoot adventure with a successful aviation entrepreneur on a vacation hunting trip with associates.

Owner of Coleman Aerospace — no doubt a nod to famed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman — Bill Coleman and three of his business companions take a two week hunting trip in Washington State to hunt grizzly, but they find more than they bargained for when their camp is invaded by a mysterious creature in the night.

Other encounters and scenarios throughout the book take the reader on an engaging adventure with Bigfoot and the people who come in contact with these mysterious creatures of the woods.

Elwood's Bigfoot are based on the large creatures purported to dwell in the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Like their counterparts in life, the creatures described in the first book of the series, Giant in the Woods, are generally docile, wanting to be left alone by man, they become aggressive when provoked.

The tale told in Giant in the Hills describes creatures that are much more aggressive. Humans are being attacked for no apparent reason and they fear for their lives. Campers, hunters, and people living near the woods, are encountering menacing, angry giants.

As the story unfolds we learn, from an aging Native American elder who has a long history with these creatures, that Sasquatch is "angry because his home was taken. Angry because many winters past his ancestors were killed by hunters. He remembers, and is Angry."

A man goes bonkers and becomes a mute, dribbling fool after a frightening encountering Bigfoot. In an attempt to help him regain his sanity, a group is organized to capture one of these creatures and bring it back. Aerospace giant Bill Coleman, a young female tracker, Jackie, her Native American grandfather, and game warden Dale Mason, follow the trail of Sasquatch deep into his territory.

It is their tale of adventure and terror that makes up the main story, as they follow close on the trail of Sasquatch. Hunting an elusive beast with revenge on his mind.

Take a look inside Giant in the Hills at Amazon.com. Available on paperback or kindle edition. At just under 135 pages it's great, quick read.

Next up, the third and last installment of the Giant series, "Giant in the Snow." Stay tuned...

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