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Montana Man Killed trying to Hoax Bigfoot Sighting

This is a very sad story, unfortunately this kind of thing is bound to happen sooner or later with so many people trying to hoax Bigfoot sightings, running across roadways dressed in costumes.

In this case Randy Lee Tenley, a 44 year old Montana man, was struck and killed by two cars as he attempted to run across highway 93 near Kalispell Sunday night. He was wearing a Ghillie suit, in an apparent attempt to create a Bigfoot sighting hoax.

Initially his intentions were unclear. Authorities didn't know why he was dressed in such a camouflage outfit, but someone who knew Tenley arrived on scene and informed the investigating officers that he was indeed trying to perpetrate a Bigfoot hoax when he was hit.

According to one article a 15 year old was driving the first car to hit Tenley and a 17 year old was driving the second car, which hit Tenley after he was already down.

This is a terrible story, and our thoughts are with Tenley's family and friends as they deal with this unfortunate and unnecessary tragedy.

You can read the full story in the Star Ledger.

Here is a link to the full story from the Billings Gazette...
Man killed while trying to create bigfoot sighting

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