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New Video of Bigfoot in Ohio

A recent video, shot (or at least posted) in August 2012, supposedly shows a Sasquatch running in front of the cameraman. Does this video show an authentic Bigfoot loping across the trail in front of this quad rider (or whatever it is)? Or is it Penn and Teller at it again with their Sasquatch costume?

By now, actually, anyone can pull of stunts like this, and they do. There are enough decent quality costumes out there that would look convincing enough. Run 30 feet in front of a jogging camera and anyone can make a Bigfoot movie. It is because of videos like this cropping up all over the place that when a real Bigfoot is caught on video we'll just think it's another fake.

What tale tell signs would we expect to see from an authentic video of Bigfoot? I dunno, but maybe a steady camera; one that actually focuses on the creature long enough for us to get a good look.

Maybe the videographer (and I use the term loosely) that shot this video was legitimately scared by what he/she saw that they decided to hightail it out of there. That could be.

Food for thought. I'd like to see some videos from Jersey.

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