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Nothing New

It has been quite awhile since I have posted here. Two reasons for that. One: I have heard absolutely nothing of any significance with regard bigfoot sightings in NJ. Two: I do not live in New Jersey anymore, been out of NJ for a number of years. As I mentioned before I keep this site here only as a resource for people researching Bigfoot sightings in NJ. That does not mean my interest in this subject has waned. It might not be the main thing on my mind these days but I still remain truly interested in the subject of Bigfoot and check in from time to time, just to see if any progress has been made in gaining new evidence.

I have grown tired of seeing blobsquatch photos and hearing witnesses misinterpret the sound of barred owls, coyotes or deer chuffs as evidence of sasquatch. I love the lore and the stories, but in this age of the internet and social media the nonsense spreads like a nasty rash. Time to move on to other more important and worthwhile endeavors.

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