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Special Announcement from the NJBFRC

This is a difficult decision, but one I must make. The NJBFRC will no longer take sighting reports, and will not follow up or investigate any sightings.

The NJBFRC was originally created to collect sighting reports, and possibly investigate those sightings. There has been very little follow-up, and very little investigation over the years. I simply do not have the time, nor do I have the time to oversee or manage any form of investigative organization. And I will not be handing over the reigns to anyone.

I also do not have any intention of developing the NJBFRC, njbigfoot.org, into anything other than a site for discussion about the Bigfoot phenomenon, with a forum for those interested in exchanging information or stories, and a blog where I can continue to post my thoughts on the subject.

I love the lore and legend of Sasquatch. I love the stories. This website and the database of sightings established so far will remain for people to read, but there will be no NJBFRC Bigfoot Hunt, no investigations.

This country does not need yet another Bigfoot investigative group, there are plenty of those, and the largest, The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is quite capable of handling any report that comes there way. So, to that end...

Anyone interested in reporting a Bigfoot sighting in NJ should do so at BFRO.net, they are equipped and staffed to handle investigations, and are dedicated to the cause.

Thanks for listening.



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