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I will preface my post here by stating that I know it's just a word, and the following is merely my opinion, for what it's worth. I mean no disrespect to people who say it, however...

The word "Squatching" — used to describe the activity of hiking through the woods or camping out, in effort to encounter Bigfoot (used in the plural) — has got to be the dumbest word I've ever heard, and I won't use it.

It sounds stupid to me, and because of that it brings an air of stupidity to the pursuit of these possible creatures.

Some of you know me as a skeptic, I am, but the Bigfoot phenomenon has always been of great interest to me, for the stories and entertainment value mostly. I do think there is some potential for the existence of Bigfoot, however I also think that a vast majority of sightings and evidence is complete bunk, misinterpretation and even delusion, and some the result of outright hoaxing.

Still, there could be something to it, which is why the NJBFRC remains. With that small, real possibility, the pursuit should be perceived as more than recreational activity.

Maybe I'm being too critical, but this buzzword, "Squatching," seems to strip this phenomenon of any real seriousness. Are we serious, or are we just having some kind of fun?

Maybe, to keep with the lightheartedness of it all I should change the tagline to "SQUATCHING in the GARDEN STATE!"

Instead I've changed it from "The Hunt is On..." to "Looking for Bigfoot in New Jersey."

I hope no one finds my words offensive, as that is not my intention. But I do think we need to step back and look at ourselves, and what we "believe" with some scrutiny once in awhile.

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