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NJBFRC Reporting System to Go Back Online

NJBFRC will reinstate the Bigfoot Sighting Reporting System and welcomes the help of a field investigator to examined old sightings and look into new ones.
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Bigfoot Sightings Added and New Look

New Bigfoot sightings added to the database, and a new look for the sightings page.
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Sighting Report Form is Active!

NJBFRC Reporting System is up and running!
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Special Announcement from the NJBFRC

The NJBFRC will no longer take sighting reports, and will not follow up or investigating any sightings. This announcement explains why.

Ley Lines and Bigfoot

Do ley lines exist? And if so, is there a connection between Bigfoot sightings and the intersecting points of magnetic lines that are claimed by some to criss cross over the surface of our planet?
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