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Bigfoot in the New Jersey Burbs - Book Review

Book Review - Bigfoot in the New Jersey Burbs. A concise, well researched book containing sighting reports, and detailed information, insight, and speculation about the possible residency of Bigfoot in many parts of New Jersey.
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Bigfoot Book Review - Giant in the Woods

Review of Giant in the Woods by Phillip A. Elwood. A Sasquatch terrorizes a small Pacific Northwest town as science and the media descend on the area to capture the beast. The story unfolds with great adventure, mystery and drama, as we learn the true nature of Bigfoot, and of mankind.
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Giant in the Hills - Book Review

Review of Bigfoot fiction Giant in the Hills by Phillip A. Elwood. Aerospace giant Bill Coleman, a young female tracker and her Native American grandfather follow the trail of Sasquatch deep into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. What follows is an adventure and terror. Hunting an elusive beast with revenge on his mind.
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