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Bigfoot Explained by Escaped Chimps and Other Large Animals

Examiner.com, citing an article by Live Science, claims Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings can be explained simply by misidentification of escaped animals such as chimpanzees, coyotes, cougers, tigers, camels and bears. Oh, don't forget the escaped elephant!
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New Video of Bigfoot in Ohio

Does this recent video, shot (or at least posted) in August of 2012, show a Bigfoot loping across the trail in front of a quad rider in the woods? Probably just another stunt.
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5 Must Have Books for Bigfoot and Mystery Enthusiasts

As a person who has been interested in mysterious stuff my whole life, be it Bigfoot, monsters, ghosts, UFOs, and any manner of strangeness, I thought I would share my top list of must read books for Bigfoot enthusiasts and others interested in general unexplained mysteries and weirdness. Enjoy!
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Sasquatch and the Wendigo Legend

Algonquian legends of the Wendigo are often used to support the idea that various Native tribes had historic contact with Sasquatch, but the connection may be more wishful thinking than fact. Wendigo are very dissimilar to Bigfoot.
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Ketchum Sasquatch DNA Study Smells Like a Skunk Ape

A logical examination of press releases issued by DNA Diagnostics which claim proof of Sasquatch DNA evidence and link the elusive hominid to humans. Bigfoot are allegedly 15,000 year old hybrids, with a human mother.
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Canada Bigfoot Video shot by Hikers

Analysis of Mission BC Sasquatch video. Video allegedly shows a Sasquatch rummaging through vegetation on a small hill, probably on Hoover lake, in Mission, BC.
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Merry Squatchmas

Santa Squatch Christmas ornaments and more! Click through to see more about the new Merry Squatchmas products available from Twisting-Tradition.com! Featured for this year, and perfect for collectors and lovers of all things Bigfoot, is a great original cartoon design available on Christmas tree ornaments, sweatshirts, t-shirts, PJs and lots more! Shop now for yourself, or that die-hard Squatcher in your life! Great for collectors.
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Top 5 Bigfoot Photos

A video from July 2014 shows the best Bigfoot photos, or the best photos of things that look like alleged Bigfoot, included men in suits and tree stumps.
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