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Links to other Bigfoot Research Groups and Related Websites

Though its origin is the Pacific Northwest, the Bigfoot mystery has grown to include sightings reported from all areas of the world. Whether real or imagined, the mystery has spread. Follow the links below to find information on Bigfoot in other states and countries.
  • PABigfootSociety.com
    Our neighbors in PA have had their share of Bigfoot sightings over the years. Check out what's going on with Bigfoot research in PA.
  • Michigan Bigfoot Information Center
    A grass roots group of Michigan Residents pursuing studies into the Sasquatch Phenomena
    The North East Sasquatch Researchers Association, "an association of independent Bigfoot researchers and affiliated organizations who share strategies, theories, experiences and resources in a network, in hopes of discovering solid, scientific proof for the existence of the creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch"
  • BFRO.net
    Founded in 1995, BFRO is one of the most recognized and publicized organizations for Sasquatch research. In 2011 the BFRO became popular with Finding Bigfoot, a TV show featuring investigations of Bigfoot sightings in various regions of the US, and the world.
  • GCBRO.com
    The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization focuses on Bigfoot sightings in the southern United States, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • BigfootEncounters.com
    Without sufficient physical evidence or study there can't possibly be a resource for information on the biology of Sasquatch the way we might find a resource on, say, a bear. Ancient manuscripts aside, this website may have some interesting information, but, as with any Bigfoot website, including this one, information can only be as good as the facts, and the facts are scant.
  • Bigfoot Information Project
  • British Center for Bigfoot Research
  • International Bigfoot Society
  • East Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
  • The Ohio/Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group
  • PattersonFilm.com
    A wealth of info and resources on research into the controversial and
    intruiging Patterson Gimlin Film of 1967.

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