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Bigfoot Sighting Report #58

Town: Andover/Hopatcong
County: Sussex
Type of Encounter: Sounds heard
Sighted on May 15, 2006  8:00AM
Nearest Road: Maxim Dr. or Sparta Stanhope Rd.
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
I will start by saying that I have had three encounters over a 10 year span. Two were in the same location and the other was in another and they all were in Sussex county.

My first encounter was in 1998. My friend and I were sitting on a picnic table near the edge of the woods at the public schools in Hopatcong. We were just joking around. My friend lived about a 1/4 mile away and so did I. My house is on the other side of the wooded ridge. There are trails to the top of the field and then there are trails to the other side where i lived. Anyway, we stopped talking and all of a sudden from the wooded ridge came a really chilling scream type growl. It sounded like a demon woman. It was really loud and piercing. It seemed like it was 20 yards in the woods and my friend and I were illuminated in the parking lot lights so I new the thing could see us and the scream was defenitly directed towards us. I think it was warning us or something. Needless to say I walked the long way home. I was a brave teenager back then so I know it wasent a owl or opposium. This thing sounded way to crazy for me to take the shortcut back home through the ridge.

The second encounter was in 1999 at a wildlife preserve known as Bear Pond. It is in Northern Hopatcong and it goes through such places as the Highlands Trail and Hudson Guild Farms. It is a very secluded area with thousands of acres of hilly forest and ponds,rivers and corn fields. I was walking with a friend down a path that takes you to bear pond. It was a clear night. We stoped halfway there to smoke a cigerette and we were standing in the middle of the trail. There were the woods to our left. All of a sudden we hear a thumping sound from the woods about 20 feet in. The ground benieth us shook from the stomping. Then it made a weird sound almost like a mix between an elepant and a deep growl. Then it stomped the ground again only harder this time followed by the same sound. I could not tell if it was using its foot or it was a log but whatever it was I knew it was big. My friend and I looked at each other and got out of there.

The third encounter was in the same area only two months ago in May around 8 at night. This time I was night fishing on the pond using top water lures to catch some monster bass that inhabit the waters there. I was with my friend in a canoe fising the lure towards the edge. There was no moon that night and we had no flashlights so once it got real dark we were going to leave. Well it got dark so we started to coast back very slowly enjoying the quiet when it was interupted by a scream in the woods. It sounded like a woman screaming. I looked at my friend and said WHAT WAS THAT. Then it screamed again and then once more. It came from the woods about 100 yards in.

Then all of a sudden we heard something in the distant woods start running towards us. As it got closer we could tell this was no deer or black bear. It was distinct running like a human only as it got closer to us we could tell this thing was enormuous and it was just crashing through the woods like a small tornado. It must have been running down the the hill thinking there was no one around but it was wrong. We were very quiet listening to these things so it didn't see us till it got close to us near the waters edge. That is were it stopped. It went from sounding like a tornado to complete silence in 2 seconds. We sat there a bit frightened not knowing if it was going to jump in the water at us or something. We sat there for 30 minutes listening but did not hear another sound. I think it succesfully waited us out. They can be very stealthy when they want to.

We left but we should have circled around to see if it started to move again. I am now currently involved in seeking out evidence around my sighting areas for myself and the scienific community. I have already found so called territorial markers and weird tee pee like structures made of sticks. I have also found a possible sleeping area for it and just some strange stuff in the woods. I am currently tring to get a good camera and then I will take pictures of my evidence. I,ll get back to you when I have pictures to submit and hopefully a sighting. Remember Sussex County BIG RED EYE IS NO JOKE

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