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Bigfoot Sighting Report #43

Town: Atlantic Highlands
County: monmouth
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Mar 26, 2006  3:05PM
Nearest Road: Hartshorn Woods
Weather Conditions: raining

Sighting Details:
I was mountain biking along the trails at Hartshorn Woods...on this day it was raining, not hard, I seemed to be the only person on the trail at this time...no other cars in the lot and I actually thought of not riding because it seemed "off" but I rode anyway...

I stopped on the back section of the trails to look at the 6 or so deer eating in front of me, up along the trails above me about half a football field away or less I saw something very tall all black running super fast down the trails behind trees, I didn't for 1 second think it was a person in fact I said out loud to myself "No F-cking Way"...the deer all turned around and within a split second they ran so fast past me with fear...

I have to admit I was a bit nervous based on the reaction of the deer. I sat on the trail for about 30 seconds wondering if I did in fact see something, different...

Then I got the chills when I felt like I was not alone and there was this smell that overcame from in front of me it smelled sorta like a wet dog and to be blunt sh-t, I actually dry heaved...unlike the movies I didn't stay around to see what was generating that smell...I rode as fast I could away...

I re-told this story and people all have had opinions...homeless person, bear...even people believed...

A neighbor of mine said that there was a bear sighting in sandy hook naval base and that the bear jumed into the bay and swam towards the highlands running into the woods...they claim it was around the same week I saw my "thing"

maybe it was a bear, but can bears run upright for a long period at a an all out sprint? I have no clue, I can't say I believe or don't believe still to this day...but honestly I don't think it was a bear.


Q. Did the head appear round, or slightly cone shaped? Was there a visible neck area?
A. I thought the head was more cone shaped from the distance I was at, I did not see a visable neck area.

Q. About how long was the hair, and did you notice any other shades or coloring besides black?
A. I didn't notice any other coloring but the hair seemed longer to me than that of a bear which every one seems to think thats what I saw

Q. Describe how the creature ran and your estimated speed, or compare it's speed to something you've seen before.
A. I thought the thing ran really fast, it was moving down hill so that might have helped the speed, but it did not use it's arms to touch the ground it was more like a person running for cover from tree to tree in a game of hide and seek

Q. Did the arms appear unusually long, and in what manner did they swing as the creature ran (straight, bent)?
A. Slight angle but with the human motion like a runner, it did not appear that being on 2 legs was a problem or an awkward thing

Q. Have you ever had any encounters like this in the area before, or have you heard of any other encounter with similar creatures in New Jersey?
A. No never, I always loved the idea of a bigfoot but never belived in such a thing, I'm a skeptic by heart but a few of my friends that mtn bike as well joke around about not feeling alone in the woods when they are up in the ringwood area but that would be the bulk of it, just jokes and disbelief... but now I'm not to sure... thats how I found the site because I was curious about what happened

Q. How long had you been riding before the time of your encounter?
A. I had been biking for about 45 minutes, I had not seen a single person that day just the deer.

Q. How far were you from any roadway? Do you know the nearest street name?
A. I don't know how far or close any road is but I was definitely in the middle part of the trail system, if you know the woods area I was at it was about a qtr mile north to 1/2 mile from the trail that splits and has 2 hearts carved in a tree (it's a well know tree)

Additional comments:

The only thing I really can't stress enough is the smell it was horrible and the fear the dear had...

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