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Bigfoot Sighting Report #26

Town: Bloomingdale
County: Passaic
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Aug 12, 1992  2:15AM
Nearest Road: Weaver
Weather Conditions: bright

Sighting Details:
While sawing wood with a hand saw, about 200 yards into the woods from Weaver Road, at the top of a hill, I experienced an odd sound. Whenever I paused in my sawing to take a breather, the sound of sawing would echo for a second. The sound of the echo saw was behind me, but there was nothing there to create an echo, just woods that quickly fell away in a 20 degree slope toward Weaver Road. It gave me a bit of a creepy feeling, not being able to figure out what was creating the echo. As I was looking down the hill, I distinctly saw the silhouette of a man, perhaps 75 feet away,leap from behind one tree and disappear behind another. I saw this person in silhoutte because I was in a shady area under the forest canopy, and behind the man, was a meadow that was sun bright. I thought it might be a hunter, or a kid, or someone trying to creep up on me without being noticed. It occured to me that it might be a friend who knew where I was and might be trying to scare me by sneaking up behind me. So I left the saw and carefully started to circle to my left, toward the tree the person was hiding behind, never taking my eyes off it. I was trying to be as quiet as possible in the leaves, because I wanted to surprise the person who was trying to surprise me. As I got to a position where I was able to see behind the tree in question, I was shocked to see no one there. I guessed that he had figured out my plan, and was squirrling his was around the tree to keep himself hidden. So I walked right up to the tree and looked behind it. There was no one around. It would have been impossible for anyone to retreat from that tree without me seeing a glimsp of them, or at the very least, hearing them rustling through the brush and forest floor dead leaves. I saw no tracks. I was immeadiately struck by the strangeness of the situation, and nervously left the area immediately.

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