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Bigfoot Sighting Report #28

Town: Bloomingdale
County: Passaic
Type of Encounter: Sounds heard
Sighted on Nov 16, 1991  5:10AM
Nearest Road: Weaver
Weather Conditions: overcast

Sighting Details:
One of the staff members of our club was hiking the terrain alone, approximately 300 yards off Weaver Road. This member was a 45 year old Viet Nam Veteran, fairly well experienced with the woods. He reported that he was being followed, possibly stalked, by an unseen person or THING. That time of year, the fallen leaves get ankle deep, and it's impossible to walk through the woods without making a racket of crunching leaves. Whenever our staff member would stop for a moment, he would hear a footfall or two on his backtrail, which would then stop. After the initial realization that he was being tracked, he tried to trick the follower several times into showing himself, but although each time he suddenly stopped he heard the telltale following footfalls behind him, he never saw who or WHAT was stalking him. That staff member refused to ever enter those woods alone again.

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