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Bigfoot Sighting Report #53

Town: no entry
County: Cape May
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Oct 1, 1938  8:00AM
Nearest Road: Unknown
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
My Grandfather and I were hunting ducks and geese in the Fall of 1938 or 1939 early in October when the birds were gathering to fly South. I was 8 or 9 years old. After we had blasted away at the geese and ducks we gathered them up and was in the process of gutting them in the salt water.

We were hunting in the Great Egg Harbor Bay near the mouth of the Tuckahoe River at dawn. We had gotten all the decoys and birds into the boats and then my grandfather told me to get two geese, tie their feet together and give them to him. I did as he paddled the boats toward the southern shore.

When we were near a tree limb hanging out over the bay about 5 feet from shore I gave him the geese. He hung them over the limb and said to me "When you smell that give him some" I never asked him why or what we smelled. I had forgotten all about it until attending an Ohio Bigfoot Conference last May.

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