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Bigfoot Sighting Report #94

Town: cliffwood beach
County: middlesex
Type of Encounter: footprints
Sighted on Jan 11, 2008  3:30AM
Nearest Road: Rosewood Dr.
Weather Conditions: bright

Sighting Details:
Jan 11 2008 I was walking in the woods behind a school off rt 35 south cliffwood beach NJ The tide was out so I walked down by the swamp when I came upon huge animal prints.

I looked around to see if what ever it was was still here didnt see anything so I grabed my camera and took pictures and got out of there as fast as I could.

The old Bridge police and nj state wild life officer stated they believe the prints to be that of a big dog.

But I never saw a dog print that looked like a foot, I have pics of paw prints and a foot print.

I looked for other prints around the area thinking someone was walking their dog but there wasnt any.

The prints I saw scared me it also looked like what ever it was bleeding. Please contact me and let me know who to send picture to.

Thank you, Brenda


Witness reports:

The 3rd picture to the right of the paw print you can see a foot print the heel impression and the arch and toes. The weird thing was there wasn't any other prints around like as if someone was walking with their dog I looked for that. I was bottle digging that day and taking pictures of the area not even thinking about what might be lurking.

I have a hard time believing its a dog, it was huge and very cold out. I will be more careful where I go lessons learned. It was low tide when I shot the pictures.

Conclusion based on photographs:

The witness provided three photos, two of which can be seen below. The first two photos are very similar so there was no need to display them both here.

As the police and wildlife officers determined originally (according to the original report), this does appear to be a dog print. The witness mentioned that the track was large but didn't provide any dimensions so no comment can be made about that.

I have a large Rottweiler, and her tracks look almost exactly like the print in the photos. The paws will tend to spread as the weight of the dog comes down on them so that can lead to an enlarged print of a paw that might not be considered too big in actuality. The spreading will be less in an area of soft, wet soil like the area pictured, but the soil will also tend to spread and be pushed out (by the animal's weight) somewhat wider than the actual size of the paw. Not to mention the fact that if the paw print is very large, it could very well be the print of a very large dog. Very large dogs do exist.

No noticeable human-like track, but there is an area that can be mistaken for that (note red circle indicating a footprint-like appearance). There is a depression, but the toe arch (if it is the same area the witness mentioned) seems to be a result of the way a particular clump of grass is matted and formed. Shaded areas and other areas of grass also give the impression (so to speak) of a footprint shape. If there is actually a footprint there it was not made the same time as the dog print, and has been washed out by rain or high tide. Also, if a human-like print is present, judging by the size of the dog print it is likely an average size human foot.

As for similar tracks not readily visible in the surrounding area, it would appear that the dog hit a soft spot in the soil and made a deeper impression than it did anywhere else. If the area is sometimes under water that would explain more shallow surface impressions being washed out and obscured.

Photo 2. Shows a clear dog paw print in soft, sandy soil.

Photo 3. Shows another view of dog paw print and the perceived shape of a human footprint, which appears to be an optical illusion based on shading and the position of certain spots of grass.

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