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Bigfoot Sighting Report #94

Town: cliffwood beach
County: middlesex
Type of Encounter: footprints
Sighted on Jan 11, 2008  3:30AM
Nearest Road: Rosewood Dr.
Weather Conditions: bright

Sighting Details:
Jan 11 2008 I was walking in the woods behind a school off rt 35 south cliffwood beach NJ The tide was out so I walked down by the swamp when I came upon huge animal prints.

I looked around to see if what ever it was was still here didnt see anything so I grabed my camera and took pictures and got out of there as fast as I could.

The old Bridge police and nj state wild life officer stated they believe the prints to be that of a big dog.

But I never saw a dog print that looked like a foot, I have pics of paw prints and a foot print.

I looked for other prints around the area thinking someone was walking their dog but there wasnt any.

The prints I saw scared me it also looked like what ever it was bleeding. Please contact me and let me know who to send picture to.

Thank you, Brenda

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