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Bigfoot Sighting Report #126

Town: Erial
County: Camden
Type of Encounter: Medium Range, within 50 yards
Sighted on Aug 24, 2010  9:00AM
Nearest Road: Jarvis Rd.
Weather Conditions: overcast

Sighting Details:

I was outside with my dog along the side of my house when my dog started growling at the same time I heard rustling off to my right about 35 feet away. Over my fence and then my neighbors fence I saw a dark shape that was very large. It stood there for a second and then walked off along the fence and then I lost sight of it in the trees.

Whatever it was, it stood over seven feet and walked quickly along the fenceline. I only saw it from the top off it's shoulders to it's head. I couldn't see any facial features. It was just something large and dark that walked quickly. The whole encounter lasted only a few seconds. I don't know the neighbors, so I couldn't ask if I could look in their yard for any evidence. It's about two months now so any evidence is probably gone.

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