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Bigfoot Sighting Report #112

Town: Estelle Manor
County: Atlantic
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Month not known. 1994  2:00AM
Nearest Road: Walkers Forge Road
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
While out enjoying the "spookiness" of Maple Lake and its surrounding areas with 3 friends in the wee hours of the night one night in late 1994, my friend E.A. who was driving pulled out of the stony area at the lake, turning right onto Walkers Forge Road, with the car facing toward the bend in the road just ahead of us and with the headlights on, and stopped the car for a moment while talking with us.

My other friend, F.R. suddenly interrupted, exclaiming "what the hell is that?!" and we all looked ahead of us, and saw this very large, mangy ape-like creature with deer-colored hair roughly 20 to 30 feet in front of us, standing still in the middle of the road looking directly at us (probably more likely fixated more on the headlights than on us). The thing was huge, probably 7 to 8 feet tall but hunched over, with very long arms that reached the ground.

For some very unexplainable reason E.A.'s reaction after a few seconds of us all seeing this was to hit the GAS and chased it, but it took off down the road in front of us and lost us almost immediately. When running away from the car it used its arms for propulsion (like a quadruped) and it outran the car! It is hard to tell much about the eyes because I was in the back seat, and saw its eyes only for a few seconds, and the headlights were shining into them. Its eyes responded to direct light much like any cat's or deer's eyes. Being 14 years ago, the image is still very clear in my mind.

I never bothered to report this occurrence before until tonight, after reading someone else's account that described what I saw EXACTLY in the book Weird NJ under "Big Hairy Man", although that sighting was in North Jersey. I never really was fond of attaching popular names like "Bigfoot" to explain what I had seen; I simply always thought of it in terms of "some huge beast I saw with 3 friends, nearly as big as the car we were in but faster, but I have no idea what it was". This definitely added to the frightful appeal of Maple Lake at the time, and although I actually no longer believe in the supernatural and am firmly a skeptic, I still cannot deny to myself that this was beyond any satisfactory explanation I have yet to find.

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