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Bigfoot Sighting Report #104

Town: Head Of The River
County: Cape May/Cumberland
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Oct 10, 2007  8:30PM
Nearest Road: Junction Rt.666/Rt 49 Intersection
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
My family and I were driving home from a swimming meet during the evening coming down a rather desolute stretch of Rt. 49 constisting of primarily marsh, scrub-pine forest and dense lowlands in which one could easily get lost without a GPS, map or compass if unfamiliar with the area. My wife was in the front passenger seat, I was driving and my children were in the back either dozing or listening to music.

What seemed to be in the middle of nowhere on the southern side heading towards Tuckahoe, I happen to see something in my high beams standing alongside the woods-line at the very end of the lighting and coming up quickly as we were doing 55mph. I quickly pointed it out to my wife who saw what I was talking about and as we came upon it, I slowed down called to my kids and they looked out side as we went by at about 40 or so.

It appeared to have been at least 7+ feet tall and BIG. Broad shouldered and dark. No one could tell if it was fur covered or what, except I thought it's eyes were somewhat reflective like a cat's or I may have just been mistaken. I did notice it was holding onto a smaller tree with its left hand/arm and I wish mine were that large.

We continue on talking about what we had or had not seen and everyone either went back to sleep or to listening to music.

About 3 or so miles later, I will swear in court that I saw something run across in front of my car about 2/3rds the distance of my high-beams from the south side of Rt 49 to the north side just north of the junction of 49 and Rt. 666 near the Blue Zat Gems store and the Methodist Head of the River Cemetary.

This 'something' crossed the road in three strides and was what I would call bison brown, and it, too, had reflective eyes. Unfortunately, EVERYONE was asleep, including my wife this time, and I was the only one to see it, so it is a good story as there are no other witnesses. I doubt it was my imagination and I doubt it was one and the same thing we saw earlier, but, it was something the whole family talks about on occasions.

Thank you.

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