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Bigfoot Sighting Report #52

Town: Hillsborough
County: Somerset
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Jul 8, 2006  9:50AM
Nearest Road: Zion & Long Hill Road
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
We were on Zion Road approaching Long Hill Road with high beams on when we noticed a creature that was about 6 feet tall walking quickly across Zion Road and was swinging its arms. He gave no attention to its surroundings, and then it walked rapidly into the woods.


Witness response to follow-up inquiry:

We have been on vacation so I'm sorry for the delay in responding. What we saw may have just been a hoax, unfortunately. My husband works with someone who knows an animal control officer in Bernardsville. Suppossedly he checked with local police depts (possibly Hillsborough where the sighting occured) and he said they did have some reports that night of someone running around the area. Honestly if it was just a hoax, it was a pretty darn good costume.

I didn't even know what bigfoot was until my husband told me but once I saw the pictures on this web site it looked pretty similar to what we had seen. Perhaps you have the ability to access police reports for that area. We were really hopeful it wasn't a prank. Anything else we can do just let us know. I'm sorry if you're disappointed but I'm sure these things happen and you need to sort out the real sightings from the possible pranks.

Another report was made regarding a sighting on Zion Road shortly after this report was made.


Further communication with the witness indicates that the two encounters happened close to the same time, but are two separate events. Both groups of people were on their way home after attending the same party. They happened to see this creature, or possible costumed person, while driving along Zion Road.

More information provided by one of the witnesses:

It looked pretty real to us.

It was over 6 foot tall. Walking at a brisk pace across the street in front of us. Did not even turn to notice us with our highbeams on. Its' arms were long and swinging side to side. It walked into the woods.

It was all hairy. I thought his chest was a little bare, but my wife didn't think so. It looked like the big foot pictures on the web site.

An employee who works for me told her boyfriend who is an animal control employee for Bernards Township. He, in turn, mentioned it to a co-worker who lives in Hillsborough, where the sighting was. The co-worker went out that night with a friend and was telling him about the Bigfoot sighting in Hillsborough, when they were interrupted by acquaintance who had overheard them. She told them that her cousin, in Hillsborough, had a Bigfoot costume, and had been watching for cars and running across the road in front of them that night as a hoax.

This acquaintance (women) could not be verifed.

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