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Bigfoot Sighting Report #123

Town: Hoptatcong
County: Unknown
Type of Encounter: Medium Range, within 50 yards
Sighted on Aug 7, 2010  7:30PM
Nearest Road: Unknown
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
So I was visiting my girlfriends brothers house on Aug, 7 2010. H e lives in Hoptatcong near Bear Pond. Me and my girl just got our first Canon DSLR so I decide to take a short walk alone onto some private land and take some photos. So I find some trails and get to hiking, the trails look like they are rarely used. After walking longer than I had planed I hear some noise off over a ridge of rocks. I walk over to find out it drops about 30 feet and now I can hear the noise louder now but its still further up a ravine. I have to move back on the trail to move up a hill, I stop to look over the rocks again to fide out the noise gets louder but I have to keep moving up the hill to see what it is. on the 4th peek over the rock is when I see him. I see a very large hairy red and brown ape man now sitting back on some rock on the other side of the ravine about 40 yards away. it was sitting up with one leg stretched out and the other bent with its right arm leaned on its right knee. What happened next has me thinking now that im out of my mind. I start taking photos and moving up the hill for a clearer shot that I never got, but I did get what some people are saying are really awesome photos. and this is how im ending my story. Sorry, but this whole experience has made so frustrated.

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