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Bigfoot Sighting Report #99

Town: Howell
County: Monmouth
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Mar 5, 2008  5:00PM
Nearest Road: Manassa Rd.
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
On my way home, in car, traffic slowed on rural road. Entity ran from one side of reservoir to the woods . It crossed in front of the car in front of me.I was not able to visually track it into the woods because the traffic moved.The car in front of me appeared to see it also and crept along for awhile , looking into the woods. It ran so fast that all i can remember is that the arms and legs of this bi-ped were covered in long blackish fur. I did not see its head, but it appeared to be quite tall.


Additional info from witness:

"It was about 5pm that I saw the entity. Itís arms were long, and the hands seemed to be at about knee level. I did not see the head. It was in full stride and walking in front of the car in front of me, so until it started to enter the wood, it was not clearly visible to me. I seemed to see a movement in the window of the front car and then saw what appeared to be a body of very large size, only from mid back to foot. The hair was dark brown, almost black, and long. As I had saed, it seemed to be coming from the reservoir area of the woods. Itís movement was fast."

I'm not quite sure how the head was obscured. I've inquired once more to see if the witness can provide some more specifics.

Here's the most recent response from the witness. I wanted to get an idea of car because initially I figured the head must have been obscured by the edge of the car roof (top of the windshield). After reading the initial report one would wonder how the head was obscured if the creature was walking across a road. Seems more likely that you would see the head, but not the body, until the creature cleared the car in front of you and headed into the woods.

Witness' comments:

"I will try to be more specific about the sighting. By the time that I realized that something had moved in front of the car that was in frontof me, a dark shadow passed by that car's front window. As i LOOKED AT THAT, i SAW THE FIGURE PASSING QUICKLY INTO THE WOODS. iT'S HEAD WAS OBSCURED BY AN TREE TRUNK, BUT IT'S ARMS AND LEGS WERE VISIBLE AS IT MOVED FOREWARD. Please excuse my poor typing and capitalizations, I am a poor typist.The car I was driving was a Honda pick-up truck, and the car in front of me was a Jeep Liberty.We were no moren than ten feet apart."

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