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Bigfoot Sighting Report #42

Town: livingston
County: essex
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Apr 27, 2006  6:30PM
Nearest Road: jfk
Weather Conditions: overcast

Sighting Details:
I just left a mall in the area (livingston mall) which I don't go to very often and got all twisted and turned around directions wise and was just heading south from where I got to figuring rt 78 is south so I'll hit it sooner or later.

As I'm driving I see a smallish size deer bolt across the road about 100 feet in front of me from left to right then what looked like a bow hunter in a ghillie suit follow right behind. My first thought was is it even legal to hunt around here and why would a hunter go after such a small young deer, then it hit me there was no bow/firearm being carried.

I got up to the spot where the crossing occurred and watched a few seconds as the ghille suit looking guy actually gained ground on this bolting deer. I'm an athlete and pretty quick but to gain ground on a deer? No way, and definitely not dressed like that.

I was in my car top up and ac,& radio on so no sounds heard or smells experienced.


During frequent correspondence with the witness he provided additional information about his sighting. An official investigation has not been made.

Witness recap:

Lke I said I was driving on roads I didn't know so I was driving pretty cautiously, slowly and kept checking my mirror compass to make sure I was heading south in order to get to 78.

I just came down the ramp onto kennedy pky and noticed some construction equipment a short way into the woods on the right. At this point about 100-200 feet in front of me I saw the young deer explode out of the wooded area on the left and bolt across the road left to right in a slight angle away from me to hit the cleared power line path.

There were no other cars in either direction and I didn't have to brake but took my foot off the gas in case other deer followed. When I looked left for followers I saw the ghillie suit guy blast out of the woods chasing the deer, it was the foot speed of this individual that made me think "this is not normal" as well as the fact that I'm pretty sure you can't hunt around that area. Then I took notice of no weapon in the hands. All that took place in the area of about 2-3 seconds it took this thing to cross the road.

It wasn't much over 6 feet tall because I didn't instantly think bigfoot or sasquatch but who would in NJ? it looked powerful but not overly huge muscularly and was dark brown/mossy green like used coffee with mold on it in spots like it swam in a swamp or something. I didn't notice feet or hands other than it wasn't holding anything as its arms swung.

Hair length was 3-4 inches in length with the longest of it around bottom of skull area (chin/back lower skull) so I couldn't see a neck if it had one. Arm swing was abnormal. When most humans run our elbows are at or near 90 degrees this thing seemed to reach
out with each arm swing when running.

As I more slowly pulled up to the power line path where both chaser and chasee entered I noticed the separation was CLOSING. I dont know if the deer stopped to look back as they sometimes do but this thing was closing the gap even when the deer was running and it never stumbled over any debris.

[No real interest in Bigfoot before] but now I have a piqued interest in bigfoot/sasquatch but am not 100% sure of what I saw.

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