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Bigfoot Sighting Report #49

Town: manchester/stafford
County: ocean
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Jun 25, 2006  7:00AM
Nearest Road: rt 539
Weather Conditions: unknown

Sighting Details:
I have had three seperate encouners the 25th being the most recent. Ill start with the first one on the 13th. took a drive into greenwood forest wildlife management area about two or three miles into the woods and got out for a walk. when I turned the corner on a trail and heard loud footsteps run into thee trees. I then smell a powerfull oder like a skunky musk/homeless body oder. I looked into the trees and down the trail and searched the whole area but saw nothing. So I went in the other direction and found a small fresh water pond, while inspecting the pond this creature threw a rock into the water and startled me. I looked around again and saw nothing, got freaked out and left.

Went back around the 18th this time I braught a weapon just in case it attacked me. When I got to the spot I was looking for foot print and heard a very loud call or vocalizeation come from where I parked my truck (choom choom choom choom choom) very high frequency and very powerfull. I then heard footsteps aproaching me through the thick bushes and trees. It came within ten or 15 feet away and then stoped. Ready to respond I froze and waited for something to happen. Then a large branch or stick was thrown out of the thicket and landed a few feet away from me. I also smelled the ditinct oder again. I said hello anybody there? No responce.

I desided to back away and headed back to my truck looking behind me the whole time. When I reached my vehichle I heard the call again only much closer and much louder, it went right through me it was such an awful sound. then a small bird next to me on a tree started behaving very strangely, hoping, chirping and just plain freaking out, I think he was trying to warn me. I figure I was pushen my luck so I got in the truck and split.

This past sunday I went back the 25th. I braught a camera a mini disc recorder and some food. I left the food on the trail whre I first ran into it and backed off for a while. Heard some footsteps on the way out. While looking for prints I heard three more vocal calls I have one of them on tape. Coo coo kaa kaa kaa kaa and some low frequency groans and moans that didnt come out on the tape. I also smelled the oder again the third time. After some time had past I went to check the food, when I started down the trail this thing snapped a thick tree branch and I then knew it was in there near the food.

I also witnessed some more strange bird behavior birds tairing out of the trail like their ass was on fire and swerving in my direction on the way out. The whole time I felt I was being watched. Why couldnt I see this thing? I think its inteligent, and I know its big by the groans I heard. And I think there were more than one of them. All three times I could feel its presonce and it gave me the creeps, this is a powerfull beast and its smart enough to hide from us, it seems it wasnt threatened by me even though I had a weapon. Thats why I know its not a person. I also saw alot of thick healthy trees broken in half and some deer carcasses with every bone broken.

I know without physical evidence this story is no better than any other but I did have a close range encounter on two seperate acasion and know it was in the general area the third. I would love to have some help figureing this thing out and can take you to the place where this thing lives. feel free to call me if you want to research this.

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