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Bigfoot Sighting Report #67

Town: Marlboro
County: Monmouth
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Oct 27, 2002  3:20AM
Nearest Road: Wyncrest/Newman Springs rd.
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
This is pretty interesting because of how close i was to this ecounter: it all started about a few years back me and my sister where hanging out at the edge of a forest in NJ and i started hearing a dog bark ..(it sounded like this dog was barking around us/at us giving us a warning and no this dog bark was not the ecounter)...so i said to her you hear that and she said no...i was just tryin to scare her and then she said WELL DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT!!

and i said shutup your not funny and she said to me no seriously ..she said it sounded like a gorilla/tiger like sound and she said I HEARD IT AGAIN ITS GETTING CLOSER!!! I started laughing like this was a joke and my sister started moving away and i heard something in the bushes moving very rougly through like in a crouch position and i heard this werid like gorilla/tiger screech and it was loud and wut ever it was ..it wasnt happy like it was tellin me to stay out of its terriotory!!

i started kinda running away and then i see this BIG HAIRY BEAST(black like color) START RUNNING to the next bush to the next... and damn did i run inside i grabbed the camera and went back outside (in a good enough distance from where i was standing) and tried to take pictures but it was gone!! whatever it was im just about posotive it was BIGFOOT and until this day ive been a huge bigfoot believer and fan(i always believed in bigfoot though).

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