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Bigfoot Sighting Report #118

Town: Meyersville
County: Morris
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Oct 27, 2009  4:30AM
Nearest Road: New Vernon Road
Weather Conditions: foggy

Sighting Details:
Lat 40.696367
Long -74.472971

My father described this to me. He is 62 and has lived within 10 miles of this location his entire life. He drives this road every morning and has better vision than I do. He can see a deer and identify it as such at a good 100 yards.

He described a six foot tall object cross the road in front of him past the copper springs club. All that was identifiable were 2 large red eyes and the profile that appeared to be a man. The object crossed from a wooded area into a field where it went out of site.

Had this occurred several hours earlier or later we would brush it off as a halloween hoax - but we don't even believe a hoaxer would be out at this hour on a Tuesday morning. Bigfoot, I don't know, not likely. But the nature appears to be something out of the ordinary.

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