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Bigfoot Sighting Report #71

Town: Millville
County: Cumberland
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Oct 10, 1976  3:30PM
Nearest Road: Pike Ave
Weather Conditions: overcast

Sighting Details:
I had a run-in with an unknown animal in Fall 1976 or 77 back in NJ of all places. Our house backs up to a marsh along the Maurice River. The river flows from Union Lake down to the Delaware Bay.

The marsh is a trapazoid shape, with a North-South running elevated path on the West Edge and a NNE to SSW elevated path on the East edge approximately 1500 meters East.

The marsh is normally flooded during high-tide by the river. At low tide, you can walk through the channels that cut through the marsh, 1-2 feet deep. The mud itself was 2-3 feet deep.

The woods are mostly oaks, with some pine, cedar and holly mixed it. The underbrush was laurel, scrub oak and thick briar patches. Most places off the trails, you cannot see more than 10 meters or so through the brush.

My brother and his friend built a lean-to back in the woods on the edge of the marsh. They used to go back there and trap muskrat, raccoons, etc and shotgun ducks.

I went with them to get something from the lean-to. About 25 meters down the lower part of the trail, my brother's friend told us to stop and be quiet.

After a minute of looking around, we continued on another 10 or 15 meters. He told us to stop again. We looked up ahead, and there was this huge, dark shape, approximately 5-6 feet tall, behind the briars next to some trees. We kept trying to figure out what the heck it was. It was swaying back and forth like it was trying to see us through the briars too.

My brother's friend picked up a piece of log, probably about 3-4 inches in diameter and a foot or so long. He threw it at the shape, landing in the briars in front of it.

This thing let out a loud growl/howl and broke a 4" sapling, emitting a loud snap/crack.

My brother's friend shouted "Book!" and we turned to run back up the trail. Less than 5 feet away, I tripped over some tree roots and my brother and his friend tripped over me, like the Three Stooges.

My brother and his friend recovered and left me in the dust. I got up and tried to catch up, thinking this thing was going to grab me from behind at any second. We didn't stop until we reached the top of the trail where it meets the end of Pike Ave.

I asked them if they knew what the heck it was, nobody had an answer.

They went back the next day, and the two ducks they had hanging were gone and the lean-to was knocked down. In 1991 or 92, I read some books about Bigfoot. There were two reports of an ape-man seen in some of the crop fields in Vineland, the next town north.

The woods North of Union Lake run through the west side of Vineland, all the wall to the Delaware River marshlands on the NJ side.

Lat: 39°23'56.68"N
Long: 75° 2'48.45"W

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