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Bigfoot Sighting Report #82

Town: Monroeville
County: Salem/Gloucester
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on May 1, 1999  3:30AM
Nearest Road: Hollywood Avenue
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
On this particular night, I was driving home to my Mother's pretty late. My Mother lives at the end of Hollywood Avenue in Monroeville. The road is a dead end in the woods. Her property is on the edge of Elk township (on the panhandle edge of Salem County).

Anyhow, maybe the last 100 yards of the road is a dogleg to the right with houses scattered on both sides with lots of woods between. She lived in the last house on the left with a 300' driveway up to the house. As I was coming down the road, I came into the slight bend before her house and crossing the road right in front of the house about 40-50 yards in front of me was a typical bigfoot looking creature.

It was tall brown and hairy, large gait and like most of the things I've seen on tv. I almost came to a complete stop doubting what I saw. I approached the house cautiously and ran in when I got there. After that, I think I could sense it around there until I moved away.(I saw it again in the woods in clear daylight, maybe 200-300 yards away several months after that. But that was the last time.)


NJBFRC follow-up:

Q Do you think this creature noticed you, and did it look in your direction?

A I do think it noticed me but only after I came around the slight bend in the roada nd only after it entered the roadway.  It kinda picked up it's pace as my headlights went onto it.  It didn't look directly at my car that I noticed but I was kinda looking it up and down and in shock, so I didn't notice the face or eyes but it could have.

Q Were you able to make out any color or hair details. Length, etc?

A The hair looked kinda long, brownish as I can recall.  Like  I said before, it was the 'typical' Bigfoot I've seen on television.  Big and tall, hairy, kinda apelike.

Q Did you notice any facial features?

A It didn't look in my direction, so I didn't see.

Q Did you report this to local authorities or any other Bigfoot organization? If not, why did you wait until now to report this encounter?

A Actually no I didn't.  I really didn't think to, but I told friends and family and eventually forgot about it.  I didn't have the internet either, and recently I saw a show on tv, remembered my experiences and decided to see if there were others that had seen something like that in South Jersey.  I'd only heard tales of the 'Jersey Devil' and stuff, but never had any other experiences besides those with that.

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