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Bigfoot Sighting Report #75

Town: Montague
County: sussex
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Nov 15, 2006  5:00PM
Nearest Road: Deckertown Tpk
Weather Conditions: overcast

Sighting Details:
It was the 2nd week of the muzzle loader hunt @ high point state park, i went for the the afternoon post, and took a large deer @ 4:35 pm, i took care of dressing it quickly, so as to start getting it out as quickly as possible, since i was in quite a ways from the truck.

I was struggling with it, due to its unusally large size, when i took a break, looking up i saw what i thought was another hunter on his way to the trail head that leads out to deckertown tpk, thinking i could maybe get him to help drag for a few $$$, i called out, the "guy" stopped and turned, thats when i noticed it wasn't a hunter, and saw the 2 red eyes, they were about 12" apart or so, and what i estimated to be between 7-8 feet above the ground @ 65-70 yds, the terrain was open hard woods so i had a clear view, between me and it.

It didn't register at 1st and the 'thing turned and continued on its way, i called again, again it stopped and looked at me.

I didn't feel at all threatened i had lived in sussex county for 9 years prior, and never even heard of such a thing being sighted until a day before typing this, i have hunted northern Nj since 1979, and I'm familiar with pretty much all wildlife, but this was something i have never seen before, it walked upright, had eyes i estimate to be the size of quarters, and they glowed with the color red, it continued on its way up over the rise towards new rd. and thats my story.

I think i actually, had the good fortune to see something unusual and rare.
I did speak to the park rangers by phone, a few months after the sighting, they seemed more willing to admit to mountain lions being sighted, but not this red eye'd thing... i don't blame them, i'm sure it sounds crazy, but i know what i saw, i guess i just wanted some validation, from the rangers who as i now understand are aware of the red eye'd creature, and have been for years.

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