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Bigfoot Sighting Report #75

Town: Montague
County: sussex
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Nov 15, 2006  5:00PM
Nearest Road: Deckertown Tpk
Weather Conditions: overcast

Sighting Details:
It was the 2nd week of the muzzle loader hunt @ high point state park, i went for the the afternoon post, and took a large deer @ 4:35 pm, i took care of dressing it quickly, so as to start getting it out as quickly as possible, since i was in quite a ways from the truck.

I was struggling with it, due to its unusally large size, when i took a break, looking up i saw what i thought was another hunter on his way to the trail head that leads out to deckertown tpk, thinking i could maybe get him to help drag for a few $$$, i called out, the "guy" stopped and turned, thats when i noticed it wasn't a hunter, and saw the 2 red eyes, they were about 12" apart or so, and what i estimated to be between 7-8 feet above the ground @ 65-70 yds, the terrain was open hard woods so i had a clear view, between me and it.

It didn't register at 1st and the 'thing turned and continued on its way, i called again, again it stopped and looked at me.

I didn't feel at all threatened i had lived in sussex county for 9 years prior, and never even heard of such a thing being sighted until a day before typing this, i have hunted northern Nj since 1979, and I'm familiar with pretty much all wildlife, but this was something i have never seen before, it walked upright, had eyes i estimate to be the size of quarters, and they glowed with the color red, it continued on its way up over the rise towards new rd. and thats my story.

I think i actually, had the good fortune to see something unusual and rare.
I did speak to the park rangers by phone, a few months after the sighting, they seemed more willing to admit to mountain lions being sighted, but not this red eye'd thing... i don't blame them, i'm sure it sounds crazy, but i know what i saw, i guess i just wanted some validation, from the rangers who as i now understand are aware of the red eye'd creature, and have been for years.


Note: Witness clarified, the eyes were 1 to 2 inches apart from each other, not twelve inches, as mistakenly stated above. Witness intended to type 1-2", not 12". Average distance between eyes on most humans is about 2.5-2.7 inches. So the creature seems to have been human-like in that regard, as well as the gait. In the witness's own words, "it exibited movement just like a guy walking."

The witness also confirmed that the eyes seemed to glow red as a result of eyeshine. He stated that he thought it was, "another hunter leaving the woods, using one of those flashlights with the red plastic collar around the lens. But then I realized how high off the ground the red was When i called out, and it turned, it was the 2 eyes reflecting. Definately eye shine reflective."

Further comments by the witness:

"It wasn't hulking, just tall, no sound, no smell, I didn't notice any shaggyness,just the dark outline of its body, but it did respond to me calling out, because it stopped both times and looked in my direction, then just went on its way, in the direction of New Road."

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