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Bigfoot Sighting Report #50

Town: New Gretna
County: Burlington
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Aug 1, 1990  2:00AM
Nearest Road: Unknown
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
First of all Its been a long time since Ive thought about this,Im glad their are now web sites about these encounters. And in the same areas whare mine has happen. I can remember it being the month of August of 1990, I was takeing my girl friend home at the time from a date, we both lived pretty much in the heart of the Pine Barrens, I was from Egg Harbor City and she lived near New Gretna, to be precise she lived in Chips Folly Camp Ground, it also had a trailer area whare her and her mother lived.

We were both in are early twenties at the time of the encounter if thats what you want to call it I still dont have real proof, all I know is that it was something we both would never forget. We both basicly were raised in the woods heard and seen everything that should be their. After all it was the back yard setting for the Jersy Devil! HA! HA! never did we beleive in that legend.

I can remember it being really hot that nite I drove a 78 Ford Pinto. Dont laugh! it was a good car. Anayway It was between 1 and 2 AM and I was takeing her home from a date and she lived on this fairly long road that got to the camp ground about a mile and a half from the main RD, no street lites 10 MPH tops. You didnt want to go any faster on the account of hitting deer or campers for that matter.

Towards the end of this road you have to drop down to 5MPH because of the bend to get into the camp ground, I can remeber slowing down when all of the sudden, something hit me from out of the woods on the back of my driver side back bumper area so hard that it made the car fish tail a little. I slammed on the brakes and imedetly looked in my rearview mirror and saw somethig hugh contnue crossing the road my brake lites were the only lite I had behind me but it was close enough to see that it was wide and tall, when It made contact with the car it was almost as if I got in its way and it just pushed my little car out of its way or maybe it was just clumbsy and bumped into me. I dont know My girl friend was pretty shoken up, not out of fear but we both thought we maybe hit a kid camper or a deer so we got out of the car and ran to the back of the car and nothing but the worst smell you could ever imagine like skunk urine and feices all together so bad you could amost taste it.

So we got back into the car got to her house I spent the nite because at that point I was pretty freaked out. When leavig the next morn. I stopped at the spot whare it happend and got out my car and looked around all I saw was some rubber burn whare my car had slide and still a faint smell in the air but more musky this time. Surpriseingly no damage to the car I guess I wasnt going fast enough. I think that camp ground is still their It was exit 8 or 9 on the GSP Bass River State Forrest Exit Chips Folly Camp Ground Ive been wanting to return to that area just to rehash old memories, That is one I will never forget.

I talked to others about years ago they said it was probably a black bear or a deer, I think it was to goddamm big for a deer or bear, and that odor!! Ill never forget that. Any way thanks For listening.

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