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Bigfoot Sighting Report #69

Town: Newton
County: Sussex
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Aug 4, 1982  9:40PM
Nearest Road: Unknown
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
I was attending a summercamp on a lake that was divided in 2 by a boys camp on one side of the lake and a girls camp on the other side. I was in the older boys unit called Wakegans and after our evening activities many of us use to go over to the girls side of the lake where there was a trading post and hang out until our cerfew of 9pm.

I was seeing a girl on the other side of camp so I would usually hook up with her. The head counselor of my unit and I got along well so he and I would play poker everyday so I could win at least an extra half hour hanging out with Nicole. I won often and this resulted in having to walk back to the other side of the lake alone most nights. I was use to this and after many years of attending that camp, I could find my way in my sleep.

One night turned out a whole lot different then any other night. I had won an extra half hour out and after walking Nicole to her cabin I headed back along the lakeside trail back to the boys side. half way down the trail I had this real odd feeling that I was being watched and I stopped short. I started walking again and the feeling that something was pacing me in the woods on my right side just out of sight persisted. I stopped short again and this time heard a stick snap off to my right. I figured it was a deer and started walking again.

The trail comes out to a sort of bog pond and then opens up to a huge ball field with the trail continuing again on the other side of the field. That feeling of eing followed persisted until I got to the field. Once in the field that feeling of being watched vanished and I didnt really think about it until I got to the other side. I got to where the trail started again and all of the sudden that feeling of being watched hit me again. This time I felt that whatever was pacing me was now just out of sight to my left side.

I started getting spooked and quickened my pace. I heard a few twigs snap to my left and definately felt that whatever was pacing me also quickened. It scared me. But then a real odd thing happened. I started getting real pissed off that I was scared and something was following me. I figured one of the counselors was messing with me or one of my friends. I wish I had a flashlight so I could have just shined it on whoever it was but I didnt.

I had maybe a hundred yards left to walk before the trail terminated at my camp sight and our cabins and I was now both scared and pissed off so much I finally froze in my tracks, turned towards the woods where I thought the person messing with me was and said loudly. "I don't give a **** who you are, I'm gonna beat you sensless for playing with my head" and took a step off the trail to my left where I thought the person was. Just as I did that, something stood up about 50 to 75 feet away and for a brief moment I could make out something that was alot bigger then I was and the dark silouette was man shaped but bulkier. It stood up and bolted the opposite way. It scared me half to death and I ran like a bat out of hell for the cabins.

I never told anyone about what happened because honestly, I thought I would be laughed at. It spooked me enough I never walked back to my side of the lake at night alone ever again. To this day, I'm not sure exactly what it was I saw. But I know it wasnt a counselor, a bear, or a dear. For all I know it could have been some psycho. However, most psychos Ive read about arent about 7 feet tall and walk through thick woods effortlessly and silent.

I contacted a researcher a few years ago through the BFFO and she did tell me that in that same year, there was an unusually high number of sightings in the same area I was.

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