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Bigfoot Sighting Report #93

Town: Port Morris
County: Morris
Type of Encounter: Sounds heard
Sighted on May 11, unknown  2:00AM
Nearest Road: Willow
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
It was a few years later [after witness' husband heard strange sounds in the vicinity], perhaps the late 70s. I do remember that it was the day after Mother's day. My husband was working the late shift and I was lying on the couch waiting for him to come home. It was a warm, clear night. I am prompted to send this in because I read the account of the dogs barking in one of the reports on your site.

The night was very still. I heard the distant sound of dogs barking and then suddenly stop. Dogs which were closer to my location would start barking and suddenly stop. Across the main road which goes thru Port Morris (Center St) was a house with two dogs which were penned in at night. They were going crazy and like the other dogs suddenly stopped. At the time we lived on Willow St which was the immediate right off Center St.

Something which sounded like it weighed 1000 lbs ran right behind the house and apparently smacked head-on into a shed which used to be behind the house. My theory is that it jumped the hedge which runs in front of the house which fronts Center St and must have turned around or for some reason did not look straight ahead to see the shed. The sound of the impact made me jump straight up off the couch. My little cat dove under a chair and refused to come out.

Whatever it was it ran behind our house, thru the yard and across the street. The property belonged to my late mother-in-law at the time. Her dog, a Norweigan elkhound German shepherd mix, began to bark, then like the other dogs suddenly stopped. Lucky was no sissy but whatever he saw shut him up.

I looked out but didn't see anything. I turned the porch light on. For some reason, whatever made this commotion turned around and ran around my house again. At this point I was too terrified to look out and can't claim to have seen anything. But just from the sound of it, this creature was incredibly heavy.

I didn't think to look at the shed until a few days later. There was actually a v-shaped indentation in the top lip of the shed's roof. Whatever hit it, hit it hard. I did not find any footprints.

The shed is long gone. I don't know if this report is worth anything. I have no proof. But this area is just a short distance away from where my husband heard the roars and where the young girl saw the creature.

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