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Bigfoot Sighting Report #120

Town: Unknown
County: Unknown
Type of Encounter: Close Range, within 10 yards
Sighted on Apr 10, unknown  1:00AM
Nearest Road: Unknown
Weather Conditions: bright

Sighting Details:
I wanted to put this in, not that it was a siting but it was what others have put down, and i wanted to explain what it was. First off, i was traveling cross countr with a pack, and i was camped out off a highway in tennesee, in some thick brush since i didn't want to be surprised. I was woken up by a loud stomping, sounded like a tree or as someone put it a sledge bammer hitting a hollow tree. It was loud and the ground thump shook the whole area. and it also let out the noise that sounded like an elephant, which i'm sure it the same as what the guy who said he heard what sounded like a lion. I quickly climbed up a tree and pulled out my knife and this thing continued and i gave out my little reply of a similiar sort. eventually it backed away and i could hear it break through the brush leaving. It was about 20 feet away. So i tried to discover what it was, if deer or turkey can make that sound. But i found nothing to sugguest such on the internet.

Some other time, in NJ, i was camped out, and i was woken up by the same noises. and i looked and it was a deer about 10 feet from me, stomping the ground and hissing. The deer looked a bit retarded, and it wobbled when it walked. It looked more like a small moose. It had small antlers that looked more like a moose. It might have been a mooose. It was no bigfoot. the wierd thing was that it was almost like it was letting me know what it was. it didn't really try to intimidate me, just let me know what it was. lol. he seemed kind of funny. he lurked away and lumbered on. That was just to clarify, as it is, i saw two reports listed here of the same situation.

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