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Bigfoot Sighting Report #61

Town: Rockaway
County: morris
Type of Encounter: Medium Range
Sighted on Aug 27, 2006  10:00AM
Nearest Road: Unknown
Weather Conditions: overcast

Sighting Details:
Just last week my brother and I saw something we could not explain. We could not say what it was, only that we could not explain it. We were fishing at Lake Denmark in Rockaway. It was about 10:00 am on a very wet, cold for August morning. We were fishing in a boat and headed for the back of the lake at a slow speed. On the right of the lake is a point that sticks out about 50 yards into the water.

We are very familiar with the area having fished it hundreds of times. There are 2 large rocks that stick out above the water line by about 2 feet. As we approached my brother noticed that there was now a 3rd large black object in the water that was moving back and forth. We were about 150 yards away when we first saw the dark shape. From that distance we could not see any real detail, only that it was a 3rd large black object that was moving to and from the shore.

It was about 30 - 40 feet off of the shore line in what we knew (from fishing that spot) was about 3 feet of water. As we approached and got a better look a 2 legged (person? Bigfoot?) walked upright the 40 feet to the shore and exited the water into very dense brush. We though it could have been a person wading into the water but the croch of the man/BF was about 2 - 2 1/2 feet above the top of water. The water was about 3 feet deep. How tall does that make this person? Why would someone be wading back and forth in the waist deep water? Why would he leave when we approached?

We went and inspected the area from our boat. The bottom is very rocky and extremely uneven. I don't know that you could walk it without falling. Whatever it was was very sure footed had no problem navigating it. We looked at the shoreline expecting to see an opening or a path of maybe a small beach that someone could stand on to fish. There was nothing like that. The brush was very dense and overhanging the water, impossible to fish from. We put the boat ashore and walked a dirt road that parallels the lake, expecting to see a path that lead to the point. Maybe it was a local going to a favorite spot. There was no path, it was a pretty difficult walk to the point from there to where we saw the creature exit the water.

The encounter lasted about 45 - 60 seconds. We have no idea what it was, only that it was very strange and I can't explain what we saw. The description didn't really match a person for size or behavior. Who would be WALKING around in a lake on a day like that? It was too big. It didn't match a bear - they don't walk upright (not for distances anyway). The legs were also much too long and the body was not that of a bear. We went to investigate the spot where it left the water and walked on land. We got to within about 50 feet and we come upon a tall mound that we could not see over. We were a little too spooked to try to crest the hill and investigate the other side.

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