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Bigfoot Sighting Report #130

Town: Sparta
County: Sussex
Type of Encounter: I didn't see anything
Sighted on Apr 30, 2012  3:00AM
Nearest Road: route 517
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
My wife and I were sleeping (spring-windows open) and awoke from tree knocking like sounds coming from adjacent driveway/utility road. I got up and looked outside through bedroom window, (moonlight was moderate so I could see shadows) and saw approx 3-4 deer running full spead and snorting across my back yard...I waited a minute or 2 and went back to bed, while laying there, approx 1-2 minutes, my wife and I heard the most un-human like scream/roar sound coming from the same area and very close to house. It was so defined and peircing it felt like it was shaking the side of house. I jumped backed up and started looking out window again, but could not see anything. We only heard the noise once and went downstairs to research...

I have been an avid, outdoorsman and hunter over 35 years and never heard an animal create a sound like that. Admittingly, we were both shakened/frightened... My wife and I got out of bed and went through all possibilities and also entered the above events. The search engines immediately brought us to bigfoot, BFRO reports, info....

We have not spoken much about our experience since most of our familiy friends laughed and were skeptical when we did, we also tried to file a class B report to the BFRO, an organization we did not know about until our experience, but was unable to share or recieve returned calls.

We wanted to share the encounter since we believe this should be documented/further investigated, and would like to kindly request we remain anonymous do to our professional careers and based on how others have recieved our experience/story when discussed....

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