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Bigfoot Sighting Report #124

Town: Sussex
County: Sussex
Type of Encounter: I didn't see anything
Sighted on Oct 1, 1982  1:30PM
Nearest Road: Old Mine Road
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
I took up the hobby of photography in the early 80's. Part of my interest was photographing colonial era building and old grave markers in cemeteries. My wife and I liked to go out on weekends and search for places to take pictures. We found an old cemetery on Old Mine Road and went there frequently to picnic along with picture taking.

It was the first week of October in and the leaves were changing. We decided to ride up to Old Mine Road, take some pics and eat along the Delaware River bank which is a short distance from the back of the cemetery.

We parked the car on the road by the cemetery entrance and walked through it to the river. we had just spread out our blanket and sat down when to our left, behind a hedge or barrier of small trees, there was this horrible scream/screech/growl/chattering (similar to the "Samuri Chatter" on BFRO's website).

My wife was up and running and I was right behind her. Whatever this thing was, it was moving behind the hedge row along with us, screaming the entire time. We got to the car, my wife jumped in and handed me the pistol we always kept in the glove compartment. The "thing" had stopped screaming and apparently stopped following us when it got to the rear of the cemetery. I could hear it moving off to my left front.

About a minute later, the same horrible noise came from across the road behind us. The first animal did not cross the road or we would have seen it. This lead us to believe there were two creatures. It doesn't need to be said that my wife refused to go there again. It would not surprise me if someone went there today they might find the remains of the blanket and cooler. BTW, this location is directly across the river from several other BF sightings/vocalizations on the Pennsylvania side.

About me: I am 61 years old, married to a Registered Nurse, retired living in central Florida (Citrus County). I was born and raised in Middlesex County and worked most of my life as a truck/bus driver in north Jersey.

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