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Bigfoot Sighting Report #19

Town: Sussex
County: Sussex
Type of Encounter: Sounds heard
Sighted on May 15, 1998  1:00AM
Nearest Road: Unknown
Weather Conditions: unknown

Sighting Details:
Strange bellowing sounds were apparently heard by residents of Sussex Borough between 1 and 4 am. A news article written by Vashni De Schepper claims these strange sounds were heard at night from May 15 until June 1. The article also mentioned police activity, and gunshots after which the strange sounds ceased.


It has been brought to the attention of NJBFRC that the articles written by Vashni D. may be fictitious and not based on real events. This report is retained in the database as reference.

I received a message from Vashni DeSchepper, the author of the article which appeared in Weird New Jersey Magazine, and which detailed the account of strange sounds heard in and around Sussex Boro in 1998.

Vashni claims the story was not written to mislead anyone and in fact was based on an actual event which did occur in Sussex. She states:

"When it happened I was still in college and studying journalism, I wanted people to know about what happened and I wanted to let them know that bigfoot sightings were not an uncommon thing in sussex county So I wrote an article for the College Hill.

I also wrote to all sorts of organizations "reputable" in the area of bigfoot, but they wanted pictures and video or sound recordings, the BFRO did get back to me but didnt have anyone in the vicinity that could come and check it out at that time."

"...I just wanted to let you know that It was real and it wasn't written with the intention that it make it into weird NJ, It just turns out that they accepted it with open arms."

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