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Bigfoot Sighting Report #97

Town: Sussex
County: Sussex
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Oct 8, 1985  8:30PM
Nearest Road: Bassetts Bridge Rd
Weather Conditions: clear

Sighting Details:
I was fishing along the Wallkill River at about 8:30/9:00 (PM) when I decided it was time to go home because nothing was biting. When I turned around to go to my car I saw standing behind it about 25 feet a creature about 8 feet tall. It had long thick hair covering its body long arms (almost too long for its body) massive shoulders no neck to speak of and red glowing eyes. It did not seem threatening at all but I knew that if it wanted it could have had me for dinner.

It made a low growling sound and turned its head slightly and I saw its eyes flicker like lit matches. I moved slowly to my car and left. Not many people believed me when I told them [Ithink thats why I didnt report it]. Now I realize how many others have seen it or similar creatures.


Witness confirms that this sighting occurred in the evening (original post indicated AM) and that moonlight could have accounted for the apparent glowing effect of the eyes. Eyeshine would be the likely explanation, though it is not clear how the witness could have noticed any match-like flickering of the eyes at a distance of approximately 25 feet as estimated by the witness.

Also to note, while red eyeshine is noticed in some animals native to New Jersey (foxes, rabbits and some owls, as well as bears and deer) great apes do not exhibit eyeshine, this includes humans, and according to some sources, Bigfoot. Great apes are diurnal creatures, as are humans, and so do not require a tapetum lucidum, the feature found on the retina of nocturnal animals which causes eyeshine and enhances vision in the dark.

And now for some complete speculation: That great apes do not exhibit eyeshine is not to say that Bigfoot couldn't have adapted differently. Their elusiveness is often attributed to mainly nocturnal activity, so if these creatures exist and are a form of primate it is possible that they have evolved a tapetum lucidum to allow them enhanced nighttime vision.

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