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Bigfoot Sighting Report #68

Town: walpack
County: sussex
Type of Encounter: Close Range
Sighted on Oct 22, 2006  1:00AM
Nearest Road: 206
Weather Conditions: bright

Sighting Details:
Last year my fiance and I were off roading and came upon an abondon house, he wanted to get a closer look but i stayed in the car, about 5 minutes later he came running back into the car stating that something very big on two feet was in the house and running, it crashed in to the wall so hard it shook the entire house...

Yesterday we went back with a few friends, while out front myfriend and I heard a strange grunt/growling noise coming from the third floor, the guys proceded not hearing any thing. since we were scared we jumped back into the car and stared at the house, while the guys were on the way back we saw something very big in the house on the second floor, going past the window very fast... it must have been at least 8 foot tall because it was as big as the window. needless to say, we took off...

I dont know what that was but I have never seen anything like it. nor have i heard anything like it, I have spent alot of time in the wood, and never in my life encountered anything even close!

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